Particular writers keeps ideal one to sexting is actually a modern exposure behavior one most likely correlates together with other risk behavior

Particular writers keeps ideal one to sexting is actually a modern exposure behavior one most likely correlates together with other risk behavior

One of several standard inhabitants off kids, adolescents exactly who sext will end up being intimately productive ; on the other hand, this has been seen that these teenagers have reduced understanding of the ideas and much more complications regulating her or him .

For this reason, it could be interesting to research the fresh defensive means utilized by teenagers and you may young adults. In particular, it will be advantageous to take notice of the protective strategies employed by kids concerning the impaired entry to the latest innovation that have be created in modern times as they are now a part of day to day life. Furthermore, as the sexting is an intricate experience, brand new literary works is always to analysis whether the use of this type of conclusion try of the particular defensive methods otherwise behavioural/mental dilemmas.

2.step 1. People and you will Procedure

The newest take to of the expose investigation contains Letter = 209 sufferers with Letter = 132 ladies (63%) and Letter = 77 people (37%); this new shot ages ranged of 14 in order to 25 years (Yards =18.8; SD = step 3.55). We decided to make use of this a long time similar to the meaning out-of “the brand new puberty” conceived by Sawyer and you will associates . All the subjects completed an on-line randomized survey as a consequence of Yahoo Versions immediately following learning and acknowledging told agree info; in the example of minors, the parents was in fact allowed to engage. No personal information is asked about data, and you will privacy and you can privacy were protected.

dos.2.step one. Socio-Demographic Parameters

Many years, gender and you may sexual orientation was indeed asked of participants. Gender is actually coded as the a great dummy changeable (lady = 0; men = 1). Sexual positioning in it the second possibilities: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual or other.

dos.dos.dos. Sexting Conclusion Survey (SBQ)

To assess sexting habits, this new Sexting Choices Survey was applied, which is a modified variety of brand new Sexting Behavior Scale . That it survey contains 29 things and investigates sexting habits for the about three sub-dimensions: receiving, delivering and you will posting sexts towards social media indicating who is the brand new topic of your sexts and you will whether sexts was in fact delivered or released with the consent. Within this equipment, sexting habits was defined as “giving or acquiring sexually suggestive or provocative messages/photos/video clips thru portable and you can/otherwise Myspace or any other Web sites social media webpages” and users was in fact assigned a score every single items from one to 5 (step one = never; 2 = hardly otherwise once or twice; step three = occasionally; 4 = often; 5 = appear to otherwise every day). In today’s study, this level presented an effective interior consistency, with a good Cronbach ? value of 0.87.

dos.2.3. Sexting Motives Survey (SMQ)

The brand new webbsida Sexting Motivations Questionnaire was applied determine the 3 motivations getting giving sexts. It is a great thirteen-goods thinking-statement level into the an excellent 5-area Likert-sort of scale out-of 0 (never) so you can cuatro (always). It means steps the new frequency of three sexting motivations: “intimate intentions” identifies delivering sexts to possess sexual aims plus it contains four issues. An example goods is: “Both I upload sexts for teasing or hooking up”; “instrumental/angry motives” refers to the access to sexting getting supplementary tries, not related so you’re able to sex, including sharing sexts in exchange for something, under some pressure/coercion or having harmful aim therefore includes four issues. An example product try: “Possibly I upload sexts to harm otherwise ruin individuals”). The past determination is actually “system image support” and this can be applied when sharing sexts for finding self-confident viewpoints concerning your individual system and it consists of around three products. A sample product is actually: “Possibly We publish sexts to evaluate if I am attractive adequate”. So it unit shown an effective psychometric features: Cronbach’s ? acquired try ? = 0.86.

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