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Old catalytic converters do nothing but occupy space. Getting rid of them is the only option when they are not in active use. But most people don’t know how and where to dispose of them. If you are also facing the same issue, contact J&J Auto Recycling. We buy old catalytic converters across NC. When you sell your old catalytic converters to us, you can rest assured that you will get top dollar guaranteed and enhanced peace of mind.
Even if your catalytic converter is old and damaged, you can still sell it to us.

Selling Old Catalytic Converters in NC Is Now Easy

At J&J Auto Recycling, we have made getting rid of your old catalytic converters quite easy and seamless. All you have to do is to:

Contact Us

The first step is to get in touch with us at 910-830-2727 and share the necessary details about your catalytic converters.

Get a Quote

Based on the evaluation of the converter, you will receive a no obligation quote from our team.

Get Cash Payouts

After you have agreed to our offer, our team will schedule a time at your convenience to physically examine and drop off the product. On-site cash payouts are available.

Selling Old Catalytic Converters Bulk:

If you have fifty or more catalytic converters, we will give you our Platinum Customer Prices of 90% of the actual value!

Why Sell Your Catalytic Converters to J&J Auto Recycling?

Market-Competitive Rates

At J&J Auto Recycling, we believe in making long-term clients. Therefore, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure that each of our clients gets an exquisite experience. And we make this possible by offering market-competitive rates. You can expect the top price for your old and even damaged catalytic converters.

A Simple Process

It’s commonly believed that getting old products sold is a time-consuming process full of hassles. However, J&J Auto Recycling has made it absolutely convenient. You can sell your old catalytic converters at top price hassle free!

Pickup Included

We strive to make the experience absolutely seamless and convenient for our clients. Thus, we not only buy your old catalytic converters, we also can provide pick service from your location, making the process a lot easier for you.
Feel free to get in touch with us for more information or request a quote at 910-830-2727

Our testimonials

Anthony M. Designation

It's been a pleasure working with J&J Auto Recycling. In the tough and competitive environment in which they operate, J&J Auto Recycling is prompt, courteous and always professional. Working in North Carolina, scheduling is very important, we have never been down or disappointed. Wish to have a long-term relationship with them.

Todd L. Designation

J&J Auto Recycling consistently pays top dollar, has completely accurate scales and has helpful and polite staff and drivers.

Adam C. Designation

I would recommend J&J Auto Recycling to anyone interested in recycling cars and trucks. My truck eventually died and they came out the same day paid me CASH and towed it away.

Mike S. Designation

J&J Auto Recycling roll-off service has saved us a lot of money and time, and the price has always been very competitive.

Sam M. Designation

I highly recommend J&J Auto Recycling; they provide great service with great people who look after you. Definitely a place for your towing needs.

Tyrese D. Designation

Great company to work with, scheduling was easy and they were on time as promised. The driver and office staff were friendly and kept me informed throughout. I got my car for a good price, but didn't try to bargain with me when I picked it up.

Mary M. Designation

I'm so glad I hired these guys! They handled the vehicle quickly and professionally. So, I highly recommend their reliable service to anyone in the area.

Mark T. Designation

I definitely recommend J&J Auto Recycling for junk cars. They paid me top dollar!

John C. Designation

If I need to scrap another car, I'll call J&J Auto Recycling again. Worked around my schedule, was friendly, and paid the amount they quoted.