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who we are

J&J Auto Recycling is a leading name in the auto parts recycling industry. We buy old cars, scrap, and catalytic converters. We also provide towing and transportation services across North Carolina.

At J&J Auto Recycling, we strive to provide a unique level of professionalism, top market rates, and a highly experienced team to ensure that every client gets the best experience. Whether you are selling us your old car, scrap or getting our transportation services, expect to be catered
to in the best way possible. Our team, comprising highly skilled professionals, experienced staff, and transporters, will be there at your beck and call.

Why Choose Us?

Quick & Effective

At J&J Auto Recycling, we value the time of our customers. That’s why we strive to avoid delays in proceedings, particularly from our end. Once we have evaluated the condition of your old car or catalytic converter, we will give you a quote without further delays. And if the deal is finalized, our team will be able to meet you at the scheduled time and you can receive cash payouts instantly.


We maintain professionalism in all our services. Each member of our team has years of experience and are professionally trained. They optimally utilize their skills, experience, and training to ensure our valued customers get the best services.

Transparency in Dealing

We maintain transparency in our dealings. This is one of the major factors that has given us widespread fame in North Carolina. So, if you want top value for your old car or catalytic converter, or are looking for reasonable towing and transportation services, feel free to get in touch with us.
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Our testimonials

Anthony M. Designation

It's been a pleasure working with J&J Auto Recycling. In the tough and competitive environment in which they operate, J&J Auto Recycling is prompt, courteous and always professional. Working in North Carolina, scheduling is very important, we have never been down or disappointed. Wish to have a long-term relationship with them.

Todd L. Designation

J&J Auto Recycling consistently pays top dollar, has completely accurate scales and has helpful and polite staff and drivers.

Adam C. Designation

I would recommend J&J Auto Recycling to anyone interested in recycling cars and trucks. My truck eventually died and they came out the same day paid me CASH and towed it away.

Mike S. Designation

J&J Auto Recycling roll-off service has saved us a lot of money and time, and the price has always been very competitive.

Sam M. Designation

I highly recommend J&J Auto Recycling; they provide great service with great people who look after you. Definitely a place for your towing needs.

Tyrese D. Designation

Great company to work with, scheduling was easy and they were on time as promised. The driver and office staff were friendly and kept me informed throughout. I got my car for a good price, but didn't try to bargain with me when I picked it up.

Mary M. Designation

I'm so glad I hired these guys! They handled the vehicle quickly and professionally. So, I highly recommend their reliable service to anyone in the area.

Mark T. Designation

I definitely recommend J&J Auto Recycling for junk cars. They paid me top dollar!

John C. Designation

If I need to scrap another car, I'll call J&J Auto Recycling again. Worked around my schedule, was friendly, and paid the amount they quoted.