Methods to Install a Gas Hookup designed for Stove

Natural Gas can be described as clean, secure and cost effective energy that cooks prefer to get a range, water water heater or clothing dryer. When you upgrade your residence with a new kitchen appliance that uses gas, the installation procedure usually entails running a new gas line from the meter to where the product is located.

How to Install a Gas Hookup for Stove

There are two basic methods to connect a stove into a new gas line. An example may be to use a flexible corrugated connection (sold at your home centers and hardware stores).

The different involves threaded black stainlesss steel pipe that is installed through the loft or wall space. Equally methods need special fittings known as anodeless risers that have threaded metallic pipe relationships on the top.

How to Wrap the Strings on a Versatile Connector

To wrap the threads of a flexible gas connector, eliminate the end connector fitting and screw a 1/2-in. x 3/4-in. coupling onto the threads for the connector, therefore screw the other end on the coupling to a street elbow. Apply yellow PTFE/Teflon tape twice about the threads clockwise.

Methods to Attach a Threaded Pipe

To attach a threaded dark steel gas pipe on your range or water heater, earliest loosen the nuts which hold the tube’s end appropriate to the suitable. Then mess the tube’s other end to a street arm and use Teflon tape on the threads. Never kink or force the tube resistant to the threads mainly because this can result within a leak.

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